The Best Beaches in Jamaica
Jamaican beaches are renowned throughout the world for their beauty: sugary white or golden sand, blue waters that glisten under the hot Caribbean sun and the delightful views of palm trees that create a lush tapestry of tropical marvel in the background.

Mere beauty is not the only thing Jamaican beaches have to offer. No matter what kind of jet setter you are or no matter what kind of beach activities you enjoy, you are bound to find a beach that delights your taste for adventure, romance or laid-back comfort. Here is a guide to the best Jamaican beaches:

Doctor’s Cave Beach

The thriving tourist hotspot of Montego Bay (Mobay) is home to some of Jamaica’s most treasured beaches. A favorite among Mobay’s beaches is Doctor’s Cave Beach, a five mile stretch of pristine white sands, surrounded by sparkling, turquoise water. This Jamaican beach earned its name when it was found in 1906 by a group of doctors.

Doctor’s Cave Beach located on the hotbed of Mobay’s tourist activity known as the Hip Strip, comes equipped with several changing rooms, a beach bar, many food stands and water activities like snorkeling and water skiing. This spot is perfect for the whole family.

Negril Beach

On the northern coast of the island is the trendy tourist magnet, Negril and it is here where you will find the seven mile long Negril Beach. It stretches along the west of Negril and comes complete with golden sands and a view of the sea that is truly remarkable. This Jamaican beach is perfect for all kinds of jet setters, but family vacationers beware: several sections of the beach are allocated to the uninhibited who like to bare all.

Within close proximity to the Hedonism II Resort, it’s no wonder why Negril Beach lends itself to a laid-back, care-free attitude.

Along the beach there are many open-air restaurants, bars, clubs and resorts where you can relax when you tire of swimming in the clear, blue waters of the Caribbean.

Cornwall Beach

Cornwall Beach is also a favorite in Montego Bay. This favored Jamaican beach is within less than half a mile from the major tourist resorts in Montego Bay and is a must stop for anyone who vacations in Mobay.

From 9 am to 5 pm for a price of US$2.50 for adults and US$1.50 for children, you get to enjoy the views of the sparkling blues sea as you sip drinks on the white sugar sand under your feet. This is a great place for the whole family. Just find a comfortable spot for you and your loved ones as the popularity of this Jamaican beach lends it to overcrowding and a few aggressive vendors hawking their wares.

James Bond Beach

Located near Port Maria, James Bond Beach is a great place to leave all your troubles behind. White sand beaches, warm blue sea, Reggae music; what is there to worry about again? Enjoy yourself sunbathing, snorkeling, kayaking or rent a glass bottomed boat and admire the sights of marine life and coral below.

This Jamaican beach named after the famous British spy penned by Ian Fleming offers visitors much seclusion than other Jamaican beaches, so there is plenty opportunity for a romantic stroll along the beach.

Nearby eateries include a hearty serving of breakfast, lunch or dinner at the Almond Tree Restaurant and The Little Pub that are 9.7 and 10.6 miles away respectively. With The Almond Tree Restaurant serving an international cuisine and The Little Pub serving tasty Jamaican delights, everyone is sure to go home satisfied.

Treasure Beach

On the south coast lays a Jamaican beach that is pretty much summed up by its name. This gem of a beach is often treasured by those who prefer to break away from the crowds and enjoy tranquil seclusion. Let the crashing waves, and sounds from the magnificent birds heard overhead be the soundtrack to your soothing vacation.

A strong undertow in the waters at Treasure Beach can be dangerous for inexperienced swimmers, but will prove to be a delight for thrill seekers and daredevils who enjoy being heaved by the under current. Never overestimate your aquatic abilities when you visit this Jamaican beach.

Nearby restaurants offer local servings of delicious pumpkin soup, jerk chicken and pork, octopus and Jamaica’s national dish, ackee and salt fish (cod fish). There are also many beach cafes.

Boston Bay Beach

If simple swimming and sunbathing only scratches the surface of your vacation enjoyment; if your total idea of fun involves more robust activities, then Boston Bay Beach in Portland is a must stop for you. Here you can find the biggest waves in Jamaica, so rent your surf boards and improve your half pipe with the surfing lessons offered – that’s if you need if of course.

Boston Bay Beach also offers swimmers the comfort of not having to muscle their way through crowds whenever they want to go swimming, because of its reputation for being one of the less crowded Jamaican beaches.

Visitors to this Jamaican beach can also enjoy picnic style food served up by nearby vendors who specialize in Jamaican jerk chicken, pork etc.

Dunn’s River Beach

The Dun’s River Beach is popular among both locals and tourists. Here you can take in the breathtaking sights of famed Dunn’s River Falls and see exactly where the river meets the warm, deep Caribbean Sea. Many types of jet setters flock here annually as it is as much a popular Jamaican beach as it is a famous landmark.

Located in the Parish of St. Ann, Dunn’s River Beach allows visitors to participate in activities such as climbing the waterfalls, swim in the Fall’s whirlpool or just simply admire this natural phenomenon before their eyes.

Jamaican beaches are some of the best in the world and with a little consideration you can find the one that suits you best the next time you choose to visit this island paradise.

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