Did you think that all vodka is more or less the same? Not by a long shot! Here are some of the most outrageous luxury vodkas strictly for connoisseurs.

  1. Gold Flakes Vodka

    The “Gold Flakes Supreme” is ultra-premium vodka produced in France. It is quadruple distilled using crystal clear underground spring water, however the basic ingredients are unknown. What’s unique about this drink is that we can see 24-carat gold flakes floating in it. The Gold Flakes Supreme will be imported and marketed in the U.S. by the Shaw-Ross Importers. The beverage costs around $60 per 750ml bottle in selected outlets in the U.S.

  2. DIVA Premium Vodka

    “DIVA Premium Vodka” is triple distilled vodka produced by the Blackwood Distillers of Scotland. The drink is unique because it is filtered through a sand of crushed diamonds and gemstones. And also, in the middle of each of the bottle we can find precious stones, including diamonds. The price per bottle is between GBP 2,000 (equivalent to $3,700) and GBP 540,000 (equivalent to $1 million), depending on the choice of precious stones used in the bottle, which is probably the most expensive vodka in the world.

  3. Gun Vodka

    The “Tommy Gun Vodka” is produced by the Alphonse Capone Enterprises of St Charles, Illinois, US. The unique feature of this drink is that it is bottled in a machine gun shaped 750 ml glass bottle. It is also thought that it would be cool if the company could fit the said bottle with a pump and trigger so that you can actually shoot the drink into your glass or straight to your mouth (hmm…that’s gonna be fun). The product has been in the market since 2005 and has been selling in some states in the US and all Army and Air Force bases. The price is around $50 per bottle.

  4. Tubed Vodka

    The “Go Wodka Extreme” is possibly the world’s first drink in toothpaste-like-tubes. The drink is packed in a 190ml tubes in three flavors, i.e. Cranberry, Lemon and Energy. Currently it is only sold in Austria and Germany.

  5. Garlic Vodka

    This unique garlic flavored vodka is produced by the Vodochnaya Artel “YAT”, a Russian distillery. It is actually part of a new product line of strongly flavored vodkas better known by the company as “bitter nastoykas”. The company has also released horseradish flavored vodka. It is said that the drink compliments and enhances the flavor of certain dishes and is also believed to help prevent a cold. Perhaps it can also keep the vampires away.

  6. Cactus Vodka

    The Mogollon Brewing Company and Arizona High Spirits produces by hand crafted distilling what is thought to be the only prickly pear cactus flavored vodka in the world. It has a slightly sweet taste and is pale pink in color. The cost of the drink is about $30 per bottle.

  7. Yin and Yang Vodka

    The “Twistee Shots” uses the Yin and Yang concept. They come in twisted plastic 25-ml shot glasses that deliver two separate flavors in one shot. One side contains a creamy vodka-based vanilla spirit and the other features one of two flavors, vodka-based strawberry or butterscotch. The drink is marketed by the Independent Distillers USA and costs around $12 per 8-pack.

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