Need a quick pick-me-up vacation? Try the Bahamas.

It’s five o’clock. Ah, yes, another workday has come to a grinding halt. And as you sit there dazed by the view of skyscrapers, you ponder at the possibility of travel. Another world you could easily escape to, given the constraints of time, distance and just a few days off. If only there was such a place. Well, there is. Close your eyes and you just might catch a glimpse. Feel the breeze; the trade winds are blowing. The Bahamas await you.

Easy to access by, cruise ship or plane, its no wonder this tropical paradise is always a favorite around the globe. Especially, for anyone incarcerated by stress and in need of a spontaneous get-away minus heavy-duty planning or language barrier obstacles. In comparison to other destinations, The Bahamas is a breeze.

All the major cruise lines, Carnival, Princess, Royal Caribbean pass through its ports and offer a variety of itineraries and deals to suit any budget. A weekend, a week or two weeks, the choice is yours. If you happen to reside in a cooler climate or an urban dweller longing for the sun and sand during the winter months, the Bahamas is only a day away.

In 1492 Christopher Columbus’s original discovery of the New World was on the island of San Salvador in the eastern region. After observing that the water around the islands was shallow, he named the region, The Bahamas or Islands of the Shallow Sea. The Islands Of The Bahamas is actually an array of 700 islands and cays over100,000-sq-mile archipelago that extends over 500 miles of clear blue sea.

But, the beauty is that each island is notably distinct, and because of its individuality there’s something unique for everyone. If seclusion is what you seek, solitude is what you’ll find, for there are islands where telephones are not to be found. By contrast, if nightlife is your pleasure, the casinos, clubs and calypso won’t disappoint you. Tennis, golf, horsebackriding, and yes the country club set, all can be found here, too. Alongside sailing, fishing and a wide spectrum of water sports.

And, if that isn’t enough. Just touring the islands, Abaco Bahamas, Andros, Bimini Island, Exuma Island, just to name a few, can in itself be quite an exciting adventure. The diversity of the landscapes, at times leaves you speechless; from white and pink sandy beaches, to emerald pine forests and serene colonial villages, that preserve this land’s rich historical heritage and fragrant beauty.

But, far more delightful are the people. Bahamians are friendly, humble and kind. Their warmth covers this precious region and you don’t need to stand in the sun in order to feel it. It’s there every time you shop, eat or just ask for directions.

And the shopping? Deals, bargains, buys, duty-free and anywhere from 25% to 50% savings off stateside goods.

So when the sun goes down, you’ll know your trip was worth it. You’ll feast on some of the finest fare, wash it down with rum punch, and put your feet up, Bahamian style.

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