Cruises The relaxing style of cruises. The breeze of waking up in the morning. No stress.

Have you ever wanted to wake up on ocean waters? Have you ever wanted to wake up enjoy gourmet coffee and a fine dining breakfast? Maybe even have breakfast brought to you? With the Carnival Cruise Lines all of these experiences are possible.

Stationed in Miami, Florida Carnival was originally founded in 1972 by Ted Arison as an independent company, but now Carnival is a branded division within Carnival Corporation & plc, a publicly traded company with Micky Arison as the Chairman. Carnival is well known for having the Las-Vegas style décor and entertainment. Carnival calls “Its ships The Fun Ships and offer a wide range of activities offered on board. Its trademark is the smoke stack, or funnel, which is red, white and blue and shaped like a whale’s tail. “The mascot for Carnival is Fun Ship Freddy, a character in the shape of Carnival’s distinctive funnel.”

Over the last two years I have taken two cruises, both on the same Carnival ship known as the “Carnival Glory”. This ship sails to both the eastern and western Caribbean.

In 2006 my mom, dad, and I took the cruise to the eastern Caribbean, sailing to Nassau Bahamas, St. Martin, and St. Thomas. That first morning when I woke up, I immediately looked out of the window and saw that there was no land insight. My mom and dad told me to get up and get dressed, because we were all going to eat a gourmet breakfast and knew what they would have to offer previous to the first cruise. As we were walking down to the dining hall I could already smell the aroma of coffee. Every morning we had delicious gourmet breakfast plus we would have a three part dinner. In the evening of the seventh day when we were heading back home my dad asked me on the way home if I liked the cruise. I told him “Yes” and I would love for to come back next year.

In 2007 we went to the western Caribbean this time, exploring the islands of Belize, Cozumel, and Nassau. On the cruise I made a couple of friends and hung out with them most of the time leaving my mom and dad alone which lead them to eat dinner and breakfast alone most of the time .

After about the sixth day the cruise ship headed back to Fort Lauderdale Fl for releasing all of the passengers to go home.

Prior to the other cruise the staff had become much more friendly and helpful not to mention every night they left towel animals on your bed with mints. While we had no problems getting out luggage brought to our room and debarking off the ship hasty and managing to stay safe.

I think that if you went on a Carnival cruise you would have a wonderful time due to the cruise lines friendliness, having fun activities the excellent food and service but the most exciting part massive amount of memories you would with your family and the people you might meet.ise Critic”

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