Best Day Trips To Take on a Vacation in Mazatlan
Whether you are a honeymooner,on a family vacation or seeking a little adventure,a day trip in Mazatlan, Mexico is ideal for you.

Lining the Pacific Coast just across the southernmost tip of the California Baja Peninsula lays a true treasure. This gem of city called Mazatlan is not only the perfect vacation place for all kinds of jet setters, but also a little slice of Mexico at its best to boot.

Mazatlan’s casual charm and beauty lends itself to being immediately loved by all who see it. And just when you think it couldn’t be anymore charming, Mazatlan surprises you by embracing you for who you are; whether you’re honeymooning, on a family vacation, relaxing or looking for an adventure, Mazatlan is the place you have to be.

A Mazatlan Honeymoon Vacation

Mazatlan is a beautiful and romantic getaway just perfect for honeymooners. Ideal for those new loves is the historic Malecon, one of Mazatlan’s most treasured walkways. Take a romantic stroll along this path and get washed in the soothing sights and sounds of nature in beautiful Mazatlan.

Later in the day, get lost in a romantic visit to Stone Island located just south of Mazatlan. Here you can lie on the beach, go horseback riding, eat tasty food at nearby stands or on the beach if you prefer, sip your drinks and wait for the intoxicating sunset to wrap up a truly memorable day with that special someone in Mazatlan.

Cost for a private taxi for the day to Stone Island ranges from $30-$95 depending on the type of vehicle you choose. You will be picked up and dropped off at your hotel or on the pier of your cruise ship.

A Mazatlan Family Vacation

If you are travelling as a family, the perfect day trips to take in Mazatlan are a tour of the city, or a trip to the aquarium. A Mazatlan City Tour covers the city’s most famous landmarks and vibrant shopping areas. So you can shop for souvenirs, clothing, and arts and crafts or even visit the museum in Mazatlan that is sure to be rich with the history of Mexico.

You can even amaze your family with sharks, seahorses, eels and over 250 exotic animals worldwide at the Mazatlan Aquarium. Entrance fee is $6 for adults and $3 for children aged 3-11. Also, don’t forget the aquatic park right next door. It is perfect for the young or young at heart with its water slides, pools and a wave machine.

You can also choose between touring with a crowd or just make it a private family occasion by customizing your private tour on your Mazatlan vacation. Tours are available daily.

Price: $20 for adults, $14 for children aged 5-11

Prices for customized tours are reasonable and dependent on the number of persons on the tour.

A Mazatlan Adventure Vacation

But if sitting around on tour buses and checking out the sights of Mazatlan isn’t for you, don’t dismay. An adventure awaits you in Mazatlan. Get your adrenalines pumping by zip lining, parasailing, mountain biking, sailing or surfing, though I highly recommended zip lining, a high-altitude adrenaline rush gaining much popularity in many vacation hotspots. A daily offering of a leg-flailing, wire-suspending zip line across two buildings, 200 feet, in the air is just what you need on your next trip to Mazatlan.

Price: $20, children under 8 are not allowed.

So the next time you plan a vacation, be sure to mark Mazatlan on your map and don’t miss out on your opportunity to savour this little slice of parad

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