Are you in the mood to party? Take a trip south of Baja to the Mexican Riviera.

Imagine this for moment. Miles and miles, of the purist pacific coastline you’ll ever see, alongside world-class resorts and heavenly beaches lined by cliffs, secret coves and a mystical jungle. Then, add a willingness to do whatever’s necessary to make you feel like a noble ambassador and ensure the promise of your return. Lightly stir this mixture, then sip. And now what you have is a region widely known as the Mexican Riviera, which truly is intoxicating and can take your breath away.

It’s stunning, to be sure, but the best is yet to come. The real beauty of Costa de Oro, translation, “Gold Coast”, lay inside the resort towns and seaports that shine like the rarest gems. It is from their generous hospitality and heart-felt warmth, that this region owes much of its rising popularity.

Although, the Mexican Riviera is the fourth most popular cruise destination in the world, during the past two decades, it has steadily gained a reputation as a Caribbean alternative, especially since it has a year round climate, which is convenient for the cruise line industry. When it’s hot, it’s hot, and when it’s not, it’s raining.

Carnival, Crystal, Celebrity, Royal Caribbean and Holland American have Mexican Riviera cruises and the flexibility they offer can’t be beat. Los Angeles is the place where most Mexican Riviera cruises begin. But, an occasional departure from San Diego or San Francisco isn’t usual, either. Carnival and Royal Caribbean have popular three-night cruises leaving San Diego or Los Angeles, to Ensenada. If you choose their four-night excursion, they include a stop to Catalina. Since these itineraries are rather short, they’re perfect for weekend get-aways, honeymoons or family re-unions. But, a seven-day cruise is the usual standard, which can be extended to 14-days, if you choose. Besides, you don’t want to miss those rare gems I spoke of earlier.

You’ll find “old world” charm and cobblestone streets in Puerto Vallarta. If surfing, scuba diving and snorkeling are what you crave, you’ll find Mazatlan, the largest port of Mexico’s pacific coast, is the place. Famous for deep-sea fishing, you might try Ensenada. But, if you’re really want a thrill, try Acapulco’s main attraction. At Quebrada, throughout the day and early evening, young men perform breathtaking dives from a steep cliff into a small cove of water below. Onlookers gasp, and are held in suspense by this feat, until the diver surfaces, only to climb back up the cliff and do it again.

But, I saved the best for last. At the tip of Baja California a discovery awaits against a backdrop of sea, desert and mountains. Welcome to Cabo San Lucas! The most popular of the resort towns, and a frequent celebrity hang-out. During the day you’ll find a variety of water sports, parasailing, legendary marlin fishing and championship golf. Hunting for bargains, should prove quite easy here, too.

But, when the sun goes down in Cabo San Lucas, everything changes, so prepare yourself. This is party paradise, so put on your dancing shoes. You don’t need a reason or occasion to join in the fun. But, what you do need is a location. Here you’ll find them. There are plenty of nightclubs just waiting to quench your thirst for nightlife, until the wee hours arrive. And when you’ve had enough, and slowly, as daylight breaks and the waiter comes to your table for the last time, and smiles, you’ll know what to order.

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