A Visit to Colombia
Embark with me on a journey where we will learn the culture and history of Colombia within a week. Before we arrive at our destination, I will like to give you a review on Colombia.

Colombia is located in the northwestern region of South America and borders Venuezala and Brazil. Colombia is the 26th largest nation in the world. Its area is twice that of France. Colombia has the third largest population after Brazil and America in Latin America. Don’t worry we will fit right in the land. Please bring a light jacket; the climate is temperate there.

At our arrival on Sunday afternoon in Montevideo, our United States currency will transfer into Colombian pesos. We will try to understand their native language of Spanish and Brazilian. Don’t be overwhelmed as of yet, our trip has just begun. On Monday morning, we will attend school in Bogotá. Students have a 98 percent literacy rate there. We will then stop at a restaurant and a have a meal. We can try plantains with sugar on top. After eating at the restaurant we will retire at the hotel for a nightcap.

“A new day, something else to see.” We will travel past the city of Bogotá into the countryside of Colombia. We will travel with Rico. Rico will show us the dates of the festivities such as the Cali’s fair, Carnival of Blacks and Whites and Fiestas del Mar. Together we will stop at a café to drink some of the best coffee. We will be of company to Rico throughout Wednesday to Friday. During that time, he will teach us the importance of petroleum and coal in his country. Colombians depends on manufactured goods for a living.

I know that we already have learned so much already but education is a thing that needs to be broadened. On Saturday, we will go the library. We will look through pop-up books the history of Colombia. We will learn that the original people of Colombia were the Calima people. The Spanish arrived and took over Colombia in the year 1499. Similar to the United States, Colombia’s government is democratic republic. Colombia government consists of a president, senate, legislators, and a supreme court. Nevertheless, Colombia suffers from political tension that results in widespread violence throughout the country.

It’s already hard to think that we will be leaving this country today since we have learned so much. Colombia’s food, agriculture, land area, climate, population, history and government have already engulfed us. Colombia’s culture has had such a tremendous effect on us. I hope that you are pleased with the trip to Colombia. This chance to travel to Colombia with me will be one of the best experiences of your life. You still have to learn more about the world. One day, I will schedule a trip to another country of your choice. Still, there is no place home. Every journey has to come an end. Thanks again for embarking on this journey with me.

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