Mixed Noodles with Spicy Sweet Bibimguksu Sauce

Mixed Noodles with Spicy Sweet Bibimguksu Sauce

Have I been missed? I’ve been away for quite a bit that’s for sure (nose deep in books, essays and my laptop til my eyes crossed) and so has the sun. But just for today (can’t be too confident with English weather) – for one day only? – the sun is out and I’m back with a quick and scrummy blogpost.

When summer arrives in its fully glory, I have less exciting food cravings and more urges for ice cream and fruit. I’ve some friends who completely lose their appetites too which of course is just a little sad. If its unbearably hot and humid, I get too grumpy to even bother with food. My cure is to sit on the patio, feet soaking in the koi pond whilst I guzzle down jugs of iced water or soda. One way to restart your tastebuds, however, I find is eating something with a combination of flavours like hot and spicy, sweet and sour, sweet and savoury. And that brings me to this seasoning for bibimguksu noodles, or a Korean spicy mixed noodle dish. I don’t have all the right ingredients but what I really wanted was the sauce so I decided to use the recipe for its seasoning and whack it into my own concoction of ingredients that I had on hand. This is not authentic bibimguksu I’m afraid.

I’m unembarrassed to say I’m currently going through a barren-fridge moment. Living off junk and processed foods, completely in line with being a starving student/artist type. I know students get so much mick taken out of them and wrongly accused for being bad cooks, etc. I beg to differ. The student race can be pretty talented at cooking, a discerning food shopper and foodie right down to his/her toes. Only when the going gets tough, do we get a little lazy. Doing the washing up, food shopping, cooking properly on the hob all gets thrown out the window for takeaway, cold sandwiches bought cheaply from Tesco, dry cereal, microwaveable meals and cuppa soups. I shudder even as I type that but yea, that’s really my life at the moment. I hope you can sense the dread and utter unwillingness.

I’m starting to lose my train of thought now and before this post actually gets nowhere and bores everyone to death, let’s just say I was pretty glad to have fresh ingredients between my hands this afternoon, to get out the chopping board and to see a real proper hot meal appear before my eyes in the kitchen. This is quick and I swear, one of the best sauces for preparing noodles. Totally delicious.

Recipe can be found on My Korean Kitchen that is a wonderful reservoir of Korean recipes. Here, I’ve reproduced the part containing the seasoning.

I’ve used soft egg noodles and fried it with onions, garlic, yellow peppers, sansai vegetables and codfish. Fry this all together, then add the pre-mixed bibimguksu sauce and garnish with whatever you fancy; some ideas like boiled eggs, black sesame seeds, chilli pepper, spring onions.

Bibimguksu sauce
2 tbs gochujang (Korean hot pepper paste)
2 tbs rice vinegar
1 tbs soy sauce
1 tbs honey
1 tbs sesame oil
1 tbs brown sugar
sesame seeds, lightly toasted (for garnish)

This yields 2 servings.

Mix together well. Set aside until use for mixing into noodles.

15 Responses to “Mixed Noodles with Spicy Sweet Bibimguksu Sauce”
Jessica @ How SweetJessica @ How Sweet Says:
May 18th, at 12:25 pm
You had me at spicy sweet – that looks fabulous!

ManggyManggy Says:
May 18th, at 12:29 pm
Yes I have missed you! Hoping the stresses depart soon so we can deliver you from this processed food existence (subsistence?)!
This looks absolutely delicious – I agree with Jessica, you had me at spicy sweet (my favorite combination).

Sarah, Maison CupcakeSarah, Maison Cupcake Says:
May 18th, at 12:30 pm
That dish looks fantastic and yes you have been missed.

I am a sucker for microwaved pouches of rice recently. I know they’re expensive way of making rice but they’re so damn convenient.

divadiva Says:
May 18th, at 1:26 pm
Jessica & Manggy: yes spicy and sweet’s awesome. Gotta say my fav is still sweet with savoury but spicy sweet’s next for sure. Thanks manggy, my junk food ’subsistence’ shall carry on for another week or so I bet.

Sarah, Maison Cupcake: I’ve missed u too Sarah. Last year I was addicted to those Uncle Ben’s too. Delicious but terribly expensive despite those deceiving 3 for 4 quid promos.


Tangled NoodleTangled Noodle Says:
May 18th, at 1:29 pm
This may not be as authentic as you’d hoped but it certainly looks delicious! You have indeed been missed though I can completely empathize with your study obligations. But with dishes like this, you should be able to power your way through any exams, essays and the lot!

RosaRosa Says:
May 18th, at 6:21 pm
A wonderful noodle dish! That sauce looks and sounds very good!



naominaomi Says:
May 18th, at 7:56 pm
I’ve never had the original, but no need! yours looks and sound awesome. I’m with everyone one else too on the spicy sweet!

Chef DennisChef Dennis Says:
May 18th, at 11:54 pm
OMG..that looks so good!! I love that sauce, I must try it!
thanks so much for sharing such a wonderful recipe

[email protected]@FlavorBoulevard Says:
May 19th, at 7:58 am
I agree with you about the ice cream thing. Lately I’ve seemed to lose my appetite for everything but ice cream and fruits. And hope the exams will go well!

SasaSasa Says:
May 19th, at 11:22 am
You HAVE been missed! ‘cept I actually got to see *real* you which made up for it pretty well ;P In Japan, summer loss of appetite is called natsu-bate and you’re supposed to eat eel to combat it! There’s even an eel day. I love Korean food but know feck all about it (like have made japchae and bibimbap and that’s about it, shameful) so gonna try this, yay!

LynnLynn Says:
May 19th, at 8:16 pm
Beautiful pictures! What kind of camera do you use?

divadiva Says:
May 19th, at 10:49 pm
Lynn: Thanks 🙂 i use a Canon Powershot G10 at the mo


noobcooknoobcook Says:
May 20th, at 8:46 am
the sauce for the noodles sound yummy. there’s hot, sweet and sour :)~~

MeetaMeeta Says:
May 20th, at 9:56 am
of course you have been missed – especially as you dish up such yummy recipes here! hang in there davina!

Sweets By VickySweets By Vicky Says:
May 21st, at 2:44 am
Oh lord. I’m actually not having a sugar craving but a SAVOURY CRAVING? practically unheard of. You started this mess! I love the korean influences of this dish.