lunchbox I bought from Paperchase

Line’s Engaged, but I’m still there.

If anyone’s been wondering where I’ve been, or why I haven’t been as ’sociable’ on Twitter and blogs, please do not be offended. I’m at the moment rushing one last paper that was given to us over the Easter break and it’s been taking up more time than I expected. The arguments are in my head but we’re sort of getting nowhere. Ideas aren’t transforming into words which is a real pain as you writers out there will know. Pen’s bleeding all over the paper but I’m as eloquent as a duck. It’s not even writers’ block really. What would you call this – writers’ constipation?

I promise I’ll be back on the game give another week. Paper’s due on 6th of May and thereafter, I’ll be back with twice the enthusiasm, banter and general nutter-ness as per usual. Have a great weekend everyone and Happy May Day!

lunchbox I bought from Paperchase 2

Here’s a little something to keep your eyes busy – one part of a new lunchbox I bought from Paperchase yesterday (about time I got a cute one over the functional clip-and-lock bollocks I’ve got in the pantry cupboard) – seasoned rice with sansai vegetables, pickles and sakura denbu. Yes the latter’s the pink fluffy powder you see there and it’s made from codfish. Brilliant, no?

8 Responses to “Line’s Engaged, but I’m still there.”
leslieleslie Says:
May 2nd, at 1:46 am
Good luck on your paper!

SasaSasa Says:
May 2nd, at 12:51 pm
Pretty! Love sansai too, miss getting them – and the name (mountain vegetables) appeals to me too. Good luck with the paper, glad it’s done before our date!

SarkaSarka Says:
May 2nd, at 7:07 pm
Wishing you energy and strength to finish your paper soon! This dish looks gorgeous! 🙂

Sarah, Maison CupcakeSarah, Maison Cupcake Says:
May 2nd, at 7:42 pm
I’m sure you’ll get it all done and be back to blogging soon. I think I’m taking it easy this month myself after April’s frenzy!

noobcooknoobcook Says:
May 3rd, at 4:28 am
so pretty! all the best for your last paper 🙂

Laura @ Hungry and FrozenLaura @ Hungry and Frozen Says:
May 4th, at 7:13 am
That pink stuff is made of codfish? No wayyyy. Hope your paper sorts itself out quicksmart…I reckon ducks are pretty eloquent 🙂

NicNic Says:
May 4th, at 9:41 pm
Hope all is going well, you will have deserved a break after all your hard work!

Ellie (Almost Bourdain)Ellie (Almost Bourdain) Says:
May 5th, at 3:59 am
All the best with your paper! Beautiful lunchbox!