Ogawa Coffee

Kyoto Snaps #1: Ogawa Coffee

Where have I been? What’s happened to my twitter? Hijacked? Deleted?

Non! I’ve been away jetsetting somewhere in Japan having a blast of a time eating and snapping photos and eating and walking and more. I think I need a holiday to recover from this holiday. While I sit back and couch potato the rest of my summer break, here are some snaps of Kyoto. Will be doing a whole series of ‘em so watch this space.

Here’s a café we really fell in love with. Kyoto, like us, is in love with coffee and she’s dotted with cafés all over. Not only is Kyoto predictably saturated with little teahouses that produce wonderful freshly whisked hot matcha, iced matcha, etc., Kyoto offers a whole range of cafés that roast their own beans, etc. So what I couldn’t understand was why there were about 4 Starbucks cafés all within walking distance in the downtown area I stayed at. It was lost on me why anyone would want a Starbucks when Kyoto could offer a brew that was delicious, rich, bold and very well-executed. Ok, not many places offered that. Ogawa Coffee, however, deserves a mention.

Ogawa Coffee 2

This coffee place has many stores in Kyoto and Osaka I believe. The Sanjo place is only less than 5 mins walk away from me. It was by far the best coffee I had in all of Kyoto as well, not to mention that the coffee art was très adorable and doubt I’ll find something as kawaii outside of Japan. An added win for this place is Akihiro Okada of this Sanjo café who is said to have won the Japan Barista Championship in 2008. He brews here on Fridays apparently. Although we didn’t get to see him, the dude (above) who made our coffee was a real sweetheart.

Just look at our cappuccinos. Anyone who makes a cuppa like that deserves to be called a sweetheart by my standards. I’m glad I skipped coffee at the hotel for this on a quiet weekend morning. Certainly helped shake off some of that airplane tiredness.

Usagi in my coffee
Usagi in my coffee
The neatest little fern ever. Precious!
The neatest little fern ever. Precious!

And never too early in the morning to have dessert for breakfast! A matcha swiss roll with vanilla ice cream and cornflakes on the side. Oh the flavours! This isn’t a breakfast for champions but it was a brilliant one to kickstart our holiday or ah, eating adventure to be more specific.

Ogawa Coffee 5

We were well pleased.

Ogawa Coffee 6

One other thing that made me grin like a nutter, tickled my toes and fluttered my heartstrings – the café bar. If you sit by it, what a pretty sight feeds your eyes. Pastel coloured coffeeware and flowers. And big polite smiles from the coffee staff. Flip, I love this place.

Ogawa Coffee (Sanjo Branch) 小川珈琲 京都三条店
96 Nakajima-cho, Sanjo
Kawaramachi Higashi-iru, Nakagyo-ku

• Tel: 075 251 7700
• Web: http://www.oc-ogawa.co.jp/shop/kyoto_sanjo/

8 Responses to “Kyoto Snaps #1: Ogawa Coffee”
WorshipBluesWorshipBlues Says:
June 13th, at 8:53 am
AHOY THERE ME GRINNING NUTTER!! Nice to ‘ave you back pon the blog. No one does kawaii like the Japanese right? That cake looks delish.

Looking forward to more posts….get on it! lol

divadiva Says:
June 13th, at 8:56 am
WorshipBlues: aite missy!!! I will haul ass on this 🙂 gosh u are certainly right. I have never been overwhelmed by so much cuteness EVER in my life. I love it. I wanna go back now. Reality sucks and is soooooo boring compared to me holiday. XXX

Tangled NoodleTangled Noodle Says:
June 13th, at 8:58 am
Ha! Forget a hotel, I am going to camp out at Ogawa coffee. The bunny coffee is beyond cute – I would insist on order a second cup sans foam art, which I will drink while admiring the other. Sounds like you are having a great time and I look forward to more! 😎

divadiva Says:
June 13th, at 9:06 am
Tangled Noodle: Oh why did I not think of that! -slaps forehead- I did delay the process of drinking my coffee for a while and then had to gently sip it so as not to destroy the bunny. 😀 x

cattycatty Says:
June 13th, at 12:51 pm
I was in love with the rabbit and then I SAW THE MATCHA SWISS ROLL!! omg i want. actually i think that will be next on my list of matcha things to make 🙂

akazukinchanakazukinchan Says:
June 13th, at 7:28 pm
Ooh I’ve got a pic of a bunny coffee from my last trip there too, can’t remember the name of the place though 🙁 The cake looks delish and it’s never too early in the day to have one, imho it makes a perfect breakfast!

Cathy x (asbodolly on twitter)

adeladel Says:
June 15th, at 4:56 am
adore the cute coffee arts, and the green tea roll…man, wish i could visit Japan one day soon

bettybetty Says:
August 11th, at 3:05 am
that matcha swissroll looks amazing!