It finally feels like summer

It finally feels like summer

The sky is blue as blue, a half moon’s still out in this cloudless sky, sun’s blazing down upon us so fiercely – it’s just wonderful! And there are drunk idiots prancing about on the rooftop terrace, completely off their faces at 11 in the AM downing shots of Jack Daniel’s being absolutely ridiculous whilst R and I try to soak up some sun. Reading magazines and doing a bit of essay planning in peace? Impossible. Reeeediculous with a capital R.

It finally feels like summer

It finally feels like summer

flower It finally feels like summer 4

..But thanks to these trolleyed losers, we moved off to a lovelier and more chilled out spot Look Mum No Hands, a cafe-bar-workshop down on Old Street. I think it was also the first time I thanked Tesco for anything – not having a cold can of coffee which meant we could head off somewhere else, any excuse to get out in the sun and sip a frappe. A leisurely walk away from where I live and we were grooving down Old Street which suddenly looked a lot more cheerful in the sunlight. The cafe is a pretty cool one which looks very inviting with their large workshop-like doors thrown open, large windows, great big wooden tables conducive for work, laptops or just sitting about with a coffee and cake to watch some TV. There are newspapers and magazines strewn about the wooden benches outside if you fancied lazying in the sun and reading. The interiors are also thoughtfully put together to be both creative but not overly distracting if you decided to sit about and work. And oh, if you’re by the window, you’ve not only snagged prime-time spot for people-watching, you also get free wi-fi.

It’s the epitome of CHILLAX.

It’s the epitome of CHILLAX.
It’s the epitome of CHILLAX.


And the service is great. Waiting staff are chatty, friendly and eager to help. When I asked about taking photos, the dude behind the counter was like ‘yeaaa man, go ahead’. Welcome to happiness and freedom central with tall glasses of double shot espresso frappes to go. Worried about your lactose issues? They’re happy to sort you out with anything from whole to semi- to skimmed to soy. Actually, not just happy. Thrilled. The cakes, pastries and savoury tarts looked damn fine too and the same dude and I had a nice 30 second groan about how yum they looked. If we’d been hungrier or hadn’t had breakfast, I might’ve ordered one of those pastry twist thingies or a generous salad to enjoy out in the sun but I think, right now, the name of the game for me is to hold back and build up the anticipation for the next trip.

coffee shop

coffee shop

coffee shop

Sitting outside was like some sort of therapy. If R and I weren’t currently-in-the-process-of-recovering-from-a-hangover, I might’ve ordered a cold beer, but the frappes were a lovely touch to our sun therapy. People sitting around us were friendly looking folks too; some were here for quiet newspaper-reading time, for brunch with the kids and the dog, a chat with friends or were tired cyclists stopping by for a caffeine break. Loved the atmosphere!

This is what summertime should be like.

This is what summertime should be like

This is what summertime should be like

Happy days all round guys. With airplanes in the sky, coffee through a straw and the sickly sweet creamy smell of sunscreen. And adios again, I’ve got a deadline to meet!

airplanes in the sky

13 Responses to “It finally feels like summer”
deebadeeba Says:
May 22nd, at 4:37 pm
Yay that some drunken losers pushed u out to enjoy… and share the gorgeousness! Loved it Diva… what a great cafe, and u know I would give an arm an a leg for that frappe. Looks so good, as does the fun u had! Check out the ‘DIVA LOOK’!! Sure looks like summer is ‘there’! Great post sugah!! xoxo

SariSari Says:
May 22nd, at 7:25 pm
Lovely post full of the sunshine, leisure and frappe. What else does one need? Have a nice rest of the weekend!

RosaRosa Says:
May 22nd, at 8:17 pm
A lovely way to realx! Nice coffee place.



Sarah, Maison CupcakeSarah, Maison Cupcake Says:
May 22nd, at 9:30 pm
Hooray for summer! Looks like a great place to chill out!

Lorraine @ Not Quite NigellaLorraine @ Not Quite Nigella Says:
May 23rd, at 1:04 am
*Sigh* Diva, we’re just about headed into Winter here. You make me want to jump on a plane north! 😛

ManggyManggy Says:
May 23rd, at 1:17 am
Geez, another deadline?? 🙁
Anyway, you’re still using your Powershot G-series right? I’m loving the pictures. Though it made me wish you *didn’t* have breakfast! 😉

JamieJamie Says:
May 24th, at 10:35 am
First of all, darling daughter, I have to say that I am mighty disappointed that you did NOT eat one of those pastry twist thingies! Ah, I could’ve enjoyed it vicariously. But good choice in the drink! And this looks the perfect joint for a summer sit, drink and chat. Perfect!

Laura @ Hungry and FrozenLaura @ Hungry and Frozen Says:
May 24th, at 11:28 am
What a gorgeous one you are! Love the look of this place – looks like my kind of cafe 🙂

divadiva Says:
May 24th, at 4:29 pm
Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella: hop on over Lorraine. we’re at 30d celsius today being nicely seared outside and slow-cooked inside 😀
Manggy: still the same camera yes but i have tweaked the colours when photo-editting to make me think i might’ve used a Diana mini. haha. call me a cheat. and yes, another deadline. they don’t stop coming u know! blimey.


LynnLynn Says:
May 24th, at 5:26 pm
Frappe looks inviting. What is the name of the magazine it is sitting next to? Foo….?

I like the bicycles in the coffee shop windows and walls, being one who likes to cycle (in warmer weather). We are still waiting for summer in Sacramento, you are lucky there!

divadiva Says:
May 24th, at 6:41 pm
Lynn: hello dear! the magazine is an additional ‘Food’ feature to Saturday’s The Independent newspaper, not a magazine. It was one of those showing recipes for summer and all that. 🙂 yea, the bicycles are real pretty. a lovely cafe. x

noobcooknoobcook Says:
May 25th, at 8:04 am
hurray for the sun! (though for me, living in S’pore means too much sun hehe)… love the cheeky photo of u.

cattycatty Says:
May 25th, at 12:12 pm
The weekend was awesome wasn’t it??? Glad you managed to get some sun even though you had to do “essay planning” which sounds like a lot of un-fun. Cafe looks great too, might have to check it out one sunny day!