Chestnut & Adzuki Bean Black White Chocolate Truffles

Chestnut & Adzuki Bean Black/White Chocolate Truffles

You know, ninjas are like fairies. You don’t see them. But they exist, mostly in the shadows and the cracks between their underworld and ours. Somewhere between my bed and the wall that its pressed up against, a ninja lives in that shadowy crack. No idea why he/she’s spying on me but I’m happy tucking myself deep under the duvet, watching Gordon Ramsay’s Great Escape in India and feeding this ninja of the dark (who’s tucked in somewhere as well under my bed probably) some of these truffles. My alter ego? A figment of my imagination? Or just plain excuse to make these black/white babies for me to eat? The latter seems most likely and I totally agree. I am a bit of nutter and I love chatting crap like this. Call me overworked, imaginative or plain crazy. I really don’t mind. I’ve got truffles.

The week has passed quite slow with horrible weather for most of it. Although today’s ridiculously sunny, bright and worm it feels like the world’s played a hoax upon us. But I’m not complaining. In fact, I totally rejoiced, ditched the essay that is begging to be written before I get chucked out of college, and ventured into the kitchen to make these.

Chestnut & Adzuki Bean Black White Chocolate Truffles 2

I blame Catty. Oh my dear, in a good way. She made the scrummiest matcha & lemon truffles for Easter and was so generous to pass me some to taste. I was really stingy with myself, rationing it carefully and only caring to nibble it. Talk about waste of effort. They were gone by the next morning. I found myself mourning its bittersweet flavours so quick, I might’ve given myself heartburn (heartache?) pining away for it.

So of course I had to have more truffles about the house.

Now I’m wondering why I didn’t just begin the post that way. More respectable and, sane of course. Why on earth did I resort to pseudo mythmaking and one about a non-existence ninja-who-lives-in-the-shadows-of-my-bedroom? Not so sure. I think I munched on one too many squares of chocolate whilst waiting for these to set. The caffeine fried away my logic and the cocoa butter greased everything up in my brain, it turned to a squishy mess. No use to me at all.

Chestnut & Adzuki Bean Black White Chocolate Truffles 3

I was inspired mostly by Japanese wagashi and more specifically, Minamoto Kitchoan’s Miyabiguruma. Of course, mine is nothing close and hardly as refined. Geez, it’s got Shreddies in there for crying out loud! But you can’t blame me for trying to recreate those flavours at home with what I had on hand. Not sure they looked very pretty but they were good. It really helps that I’m on a Shreddies craze as well. In my breakfast cereal, having it dry as a snack and now in chocolate truffles. I think I’m going slightly overboard. Who knows what I’ll be adding it to next. I fear to think it.

The concept to these truffles is similar to these Oreo truffles or Lemon Lime cream ones. Yes so they’re supposed to be pretty sweets. Pre-dipping in candy coating, however, my flatmate very eagerly exclaimed, ‘Oh you’re making meatballs!’. Uh oh. They really do look like meatballs, don’t they.

Chestnut & Adzuki Bean Black White Chocolate Truffles 4

Types of anko:
(to make things easy, this is taken from Wikipedia)

Tsubuan (粒餡), whole red beans boiled with sugar but otherwise untreated
Tsubushian (潰し餡), where the beans are mashed after boiling
Koshian (漉し餡), which has been passed through a sieve to remove bean skins; the most common type
Sarashian (晒し餡), which has been dried and reconstituted with water
If you prefer to make your own anko, you can use this recipe here. I’ve never been too successful making my own because I’m too impatient to wait for it to soak overnight, and cook for hours til it’s soft enough to mash or pass through a sieve. So feel free to use canned anko. I’ve chosen a half mashed half whole bean anko from Meiji.

Chestnut & Adzuki Bean Black White Chocolate Truffles 5

When it comes to truffles, I always use candy melts or coating chocolate, aka confectioner’s coating or bark. If you’re wondering whether this is chocolate, yes it is! But it’s chocolate for lazy bums like me. No tempering – only melt, mix, use, set. Its easier to control than regular chocolate, sets quick streak-free at room temperature, tastes great and doesn’t melt upon touching which I find happens a lot when using regular chocolate (which requires you sometimes to cool it in the fridge and then you get nasty sweating after when you take them out). Candy melts come in many colours. No fuss over what kind of colours to use (if you decide to use them) and whether oil, paste or powder or au naturel vegetable/fruit juice/dyes will affect it. I’ve used candy melts in Midnight Black and because I ran out of white melts, I’ve used Green & Blacks vanilla white chocolate.


I’m feeling a bit zen with the black and white colour combination. Time to whip out my teapot, sencha and ponder over something deep. Who knows, my shadow ninja might decide to join me for a cuppa.

Chestnut & Adzuki Bean Black White Chocolate Truffles 6

Makes about 12-15 eyeball-sized truffles. (I would’ve said ping pong-sized but aren’t eyeballs a little smaller and heck, sounds more fun. No?)

Chestnut & Adzuki Bean Black/White Chocolate Truffles

1 can/210g anko (adzuki bean paste)
10-12 small cooked chestnuts, depending on how many you end up making
about 1/2 cup Shreddies, finely crushed
about 1/2 cup black chocolate candy melts
about 1/2 cup white chocolate candy melts
black sesame seeds, for garnish (optional)
white sesame seeds, for garnish (optional)
There isn’t really a recipe for this is there? It’s just banging ingredients together.

In a bowl, mash together crushed Shreddies and enough anko to get a cement-like consistency. You don’t want it too dry or it won’t hold together. But you need it wet enough to be able to seal itself around the chestnut. Play around with it until you feel confident of it holding up.

Take a chestnut and about 1/2 to 1 tbs of crushed Shreddies and anko mixture, press into it and start to carefully seal the chestnut into it. Gently press to smoothen out the surface like you would a rice ball, then lightly roll between palms to form balls. If the surface starts to gloss and smoothen itself out, that’s perfect. Repeat for the other chestnuts. Place on a plate covered with grease-proof parchment. Place in refrigerator to let the chestnut balls set a bit for about 3-4 minutes.

In small bowls, melt candy coating separately, following the directions written on the bag (it will differ slightly depending on their make but will normally require a 1 minute melt-time in microwave; mix; 10 second blasts and mixing until the coating is completely melted and smooth).

Drop chestnut balls in candy coating, coat and drop onto flat surface lined with grease-proof parchment. Garnish with a tiny sprinkling of sesame seeds of the opposite colour. Allow to set for about 2 minutes or so. Done.

Chestnut & Adzuki Bean Black White Chocolate Truffles 7

28 Responses to “Chestnut & Adzuki Bean Black/White Chocolate Truffles”
NaomiNaomi Says:
April 8th, at 5:50 pm
OMG and holy cow these look fab! You are so talented. I love the novelty of these truffles. Great job on the coating of the chocolate the swirly designs make you want to devour them.

HeatherHeather Says:
April 8th, at 5:51 pm
These are so beautiful and inspired – I love them!

Jessica @ How SweetJessica @ How Sweet Says:
April 8th, at 6:02 pm
Those truffles are stunning!

Tangled NoodleTangled Noodle Says:
April 8th, at 6:13 pm
Absolutely brilliant! If I had a few of these to enjoy, I’d be transported to a mythological place, too (albeit one without shadow-skulking ninjas). Your teaser pics only whetted the appetite; I love the halved truffles showing the chestnut inside. Seriously, you and Catty should open a confectionery house!

RosaRosa Says:
April 8th, at 6:53 pm
A very original combination! those truffles look lovely!



Sarah, Maison CupcakeSarah, Maison Cupcake Says:
April 8th, at 8:03 pm
Absolutely flipping wonderful, you knock my lazy stupid pecan pedestrian cookies out of the water today. Awesome.

But go on, admit it, you put shreddies in there to check people are reading your post properly because come on, SHREDDIES in truffles, that’s like OFF THE WALL genius. Anyone commenting who doesn’t mention the Shreddies really hasn’t been paying attention.

I can feel a Shreddie/Ovaltine cake coming on…

SasaSasa Says:
April 8th, at 8:04 pm
In Japan, among other things we classified people into tsubu or koshi an people, heh. Another one is shoyu or sauce face (shoyu is more classically Japanese, and sauce is when the “hori ga fukai”(literally: the carving is deep) so I guess more western. Mental. Anyway, these look delish, kinda jealous of your ninja.

divadiva Says:
April 8th, at 9:23 pm
Tangled Noodle: It might not work you know, we’d EAT EVERYTHING before they got sold. No profits at all. Just losses and loads of weight gain. Trust me. or rather I’d gain the weight and all of Catty’s..that girl’s tiny!

Sarah, Maison Cupcake: AH. I was so embarrassed about the Shreddies because I couldn’t think of anything I could add that would stiffen up anko enough for it to be moulded around the chestnut and then rolled. Then I was Easter-y anyway and thinking Easter nests. So that worked! LOL.
Oh man, blog that cake now. Ovaltine rocks my socks off.

Sasa: So what are you? koshian or tsubu? I think I’m a bit of both. I love koshian when I want something very similar to Chinese dou sha (literally bean fine it’s like sand) but if it’s to go with things like kakigori, I’m a full on tsubu whore. Thanks Sasa. What ninja? Wink wink.


Su-yinSu-yin Says:
April 8th, at 9:59 pm
These are gorgeous! I’m so glad they turned out so well. 🙂 Now if only I could transport myself to your fridge in Old Street…

zenchefzenchef Says:
April 9th, at 1:52 am
Pffeww.. I’m glad i’m not the only one with imaginary friends. Mine live in the vegetable bin of my refrigerator. 🙂

Can i be the substitute ninja? Sometimes they’re busy fighting the bad guys. And I don’t mind getting fed a few of those delicious things now and then.

girl Japangirl Japan Says:
April 9th, at 4:11 am
OH D… THESE are by far two of my favorite combinations, and you made them into truffles, you are onto something here by darling! I’m going to give this a try.. I MUST.. but can I stop at just one… it’s going to be tough, and I LOVE your posts, you always make me giggle.

tigerfishtigerfish Says:
April 9th, at 6:17 am
One holds the sword and the other a wand….how similar again. Using the magic wand to make the truffles appear in front of me, FOR REAL!

You make such good truffles!

AnneAnne Says:
April 9th, at 7:26 am
Well hello Diva!
Nice to discover your blog, I’m well impressed! And very happy to find a fellow London food blogger! Your truffles look divine, I’m a total lover of anything chestnut and adzuki bean, so this seems like a recipe from heaven! Gotta try it!!
x Anne

divadiva Says:
April 9th, at 10:18 am
zenchef: AH! i’m glad to hear it. I’m not the only crazy one. In your vegetable bin? Totally hilarious. We should have partay. My ninja, your veg buddy – carnage. 🙂

girl Japan:They’re surprisingly scrummy and not overly sweet. The Shreddies totally works and gives it that extra crunch. I’m addicted to their crunch! Oh haha, glad it cracks you up. It’s like reading a psychopath’s journal no? :p

tigerfish: sword and wand? YAY. thanks my dear. Making truffles are rather therapeutic. I’m sort of addicting to the coating of them – swirling, toss toss and let set.

Anne: Hello Anne! Very glad to have found yours too. And in London 🙂 Thank you, you’re too sweet. keep in touch!


Lorraine @ Not Quite NigellaLorraine @ Not Quite Nigella Says:
April 9th, at 12:20 pm
You did a freaking fantastic job Diva! I love the pretty swirl you did on the top too. Was that hard? It looks like it requires deft handiwork which I don’t really have 😛

Sweets By VickySweets By Vicky Says:
April 9th, at 3:00 pm
I kinda like your imperfect truffles. Well, tht’s what you think they are. I think they look spankin’! 🙂 I was right to be excited about these!

divadiva Says:
April 9th, at 3:08 pm
Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella: oh Lorraine, not at all! Considering you’ve made so many things far more complicated than I have, I’m sure you’ll be fine with these. 😀

Sweets By Vicky: I’m not sure they look that great because not all the chestnuts were sitting the right way up (too much of a perfectionist here) but I can promise the taste is quite 100% what I intended it to be!!

Gera @ SweetsFoodsBlogGera @ SweetsFoodsBlog Says:
April 9th, at 9:04 pm
Yummy for the tummy! I’m big fan of truffles no matter if they aren’t perfect…they have a very short life 😉



YY Says:
April 9th, at 9:46 pm
Love the flavours, and such an interesting way of composing the truffles too – I’d never have thought of making them like this.

Matcha ChocolatMatcha Chocolat Says:
April 10th, at 5:16 am
I was just saying a day ago I’ve got more imaginary friends now than I did as a kid….but who else would protect you from a zombie attack..Right??

Kitchen ButterflyKitchen Butterfly Says:
April 10th, at 8:19 pm
The look lovely, and I’m sure the taste delish (if the oreo cookie ones are anything to go by). Where do you get the candy melts from in the UK?

divadiva Says:
April 11th, at 11:20 am
If anyone’s looking for candy melts, I’m not sure if big supermarkets stock them as I’ve never really seen any of them around. You could try looking for Wilton’s candy melts online, or any sort of chocolate candy coating. Both are available from my favourite online candy/cakes/cookies/craft shop –


Laura @ Hungry and FrozenLaura @ Hungry and Frozen Says:
April 12th, at 10:02 am
what beauties they are! I’m a little wary of red bean paste – it’s the texture I think. But these sound so good, I love how it’s all glam with the Green and Black’s chocolate and then all down-home with the Shreddies 😀 tell your ninja I said hi!

Mowie @ MowieliciousMowie @ Mowielicious Says:
April 12th, at 1:42 pm
‘Ninjas are like fairies’ – best line ever! =)

You are the truffle queen Diva – these are simply stunning xxx

[email protected]@kokken69 Says:
April 13th, at 1:05 am
These are absolutely fabulous! Did you use a mold or did you just coat the chocolate by hand? I love the folds! So elegant!

divadiva Says:
April 13th, at 7:58 am
[email protected]: nope, no mold! Everything by hand and then quickly tossed in coating chocolate 🙂 Dead easy. Thanks Shirley!


Xiaolu @ 6 BittersweetsXiaolu @ 6 Bittersweets Says:
April 13th, at 8:48 am
These flavors are some of my fav. How fantastic!

Carolyn JungCarolyn Jung Says:
April 15th, at 11:18 pm
These are too lovely for words. I love the hidden surprise inside, too. You’ve outdone yourself, Diva. 😉