Byron berger

Byron Burger: I grin like a Cheshire cat

No matter how busy anyone is, there’s always time to eat. My number one rule in the book, never forget to eat. I mean, it’s physically impossible for me anyway when I’m thinking, planning and dreaming about food 24/7/365… Yea I truly am that disgusting and ridiculous. If I got thrown out of a plane, shipwrecked on some desert island, etc. I’d probably start Ray Mears-style finding ways to recreate a cheesy omelette on hot volcanic rock I can find, grill wild boar satays, etc. all by a shoddily set-up campfire (the question of actually being successful in setting one up of course is very controversial). Despite being one not to eat out often, I can never say no to a lunch or a dinner out and with some of my favourite ladies, even more reason to ditch the work and run, arms-stretched out, squealing to Byron

burger and chips.


Catty had told me so much about it. Suyin had raved about how good their burgers were. I, on the other hand, was clueless. I was going in blind. Can you imagine my anticipation.

10 minutes early. Tick tock tick tock. Sat there all by my lonely self, licking my lips and nursing a lone Diet Coke, with a massive grin on my face. Yes, I was well chipper. And all for burger and chips.

Yum yum

Basically, there’s not much of a story to tell this time round. The results were good, let’s just say that. A really good patty and I loved that the patty came very pink in the middle. Anyone who likes red meat well done is missing out on quite a lot, let’s put it that way. I had a really good lunch. They serve great chips, made from spuds or courgettes – both very scrummy. End of story. Yum yum yummyinmytummy so that’sitthankyoubye.


At the Intrepid Fox
97-99 Wardour Street