Browned Butter and Sage Gnocchi

Browned Butter and Sage Gnocchi

When it comes to cooking, not that I know or am skillful at all cooking methods, deep-frying is one of those things I avoid. Shallow-frying, on the other hand, I find thoroughly satisfying. The latter is not any big achievement for sure. It’s just hot fat in a pan, and in you stick your food, out comes this deliciousness with a fairly crispy exterior. Dead easy. But the sizzling of hot fat in a pan is music to my ears, the scent of whatever you’re cooking wafts up so much quicker than steaming or boiling or stewing. It doesn’t pervade the whole kitchen and surrounding rooms as roasting in the oven does but it certainly is eau de parfum compared to eau de toilette.

And there’s something quite therapeutic about watching fresh sage leaves frying in a pan and watching them darken, curl then crisp up. Almost a bit like fresh prawns going from grey to crimson, curling as they cook from the heat. What a sight! I’ve been mulling about quite a few things lately, and there’s lots of stuff I don’t personally approve of happening at work so it was quite nice to empty my mind of everything and simply focus on preparing myself a hot cooked lunch.


Browned Butter and Sage Gnocchi

I last had gnocchi at Cafe Uno with loads of assorted mushrooms and a green pea sauce. The dinner crowd wasn’t huge and we were the only non-family trio there with a bottle of white to share. I’d not dined at Cafe Uno before but considering how delicious my gnocchi was, I wouldn’t mind going back again for more. Except, I remembered ogling at a plate of burnt butter and sage gnocchi over at Manggy’s blog and it looked far more delicious than what Cafe Uno had served up (no offense). The way Manggy seared his gnocchi and scattered the sage leaves on the plate…you need no words to describe it, except some flutterings of the heart. And there, I can’t help but say homecooking simply is the best. I love eating out but recreating similar dishes at home is just as wonderful, if not more.

This really is a non-recipe. Just add butter to a frying pan on gentle heat. When the butter melts, add the sage leaves and fry until they crisp up. I followed Manggy’s method of removing the sage leaves but added a tiny squeeze of lemon juice to the hot butter. Once the gnocchi were cooked, I drained and then added it to the hot butter. Quick toss then transferred to a warm plate, seasoned with salt and black pepper before adding the reserved sage leaves to the gnocchi.

22 Responses to “Browned Butter and Sage Gnocchi”
Bethany (Dirty Kitchen Secrets)Bethany (Dirty Kitchen Secrets) Says:
April 21st, at 12:15 pm
I absolutely love fried sage leaves and I love this gnocchi! I too prefer shallow frying over deep frying.

Jessica @ How SweetJessica @ How Sweet Says:
April 21st, at 12:40 pm
All of my favorite things! Love browned butter, gnocchis and sage. Yum!

Sarah, Maison CupcakeSarah, Maison Cupcake Says:
April 21st, at 1:36 pm
Yum, they look wonderful, sage is one of my favourite herbs. I’ve always meant to try making gnocchi.

SasaSasa Says:
April 21st, at 2:02 pm
Hot lunches rule ok. I had kaesespaetzle which, while not as posh and fragrant as your lovely lunch, was cheesey, carby and delicious. Here’s to hot lunches!

divadiva Says:
April 21st, at 2:03 pm
Sasa: A kaesespaetzle? I won’t be able to pronounce that you know 🙂 Have never tried it but I’m with you on hot lunches!


deebadeeba Says:
April 21st, at 4:09 pm
I think I love the simplicity of this gnocchi. I find sage to be a herb with most character; velvety and deep, and yes, frying them is therapeutic all the way. How strange that you feel the same! I LOVE your meal and the pictures! Gorgeous sugah!

Jeanne @ Cooksister!Jeanne @ Cooksister! Says:
April 21st, at 5:19 pm
mmmm, heaven on a plate. I love gnocchi with crispy sage and browned butter – don’t make it nearly often enough…

noobcooknoobcook Says:
April 22nd, at 1:28 am
Can u belive I have never eaten gnocchi before?! Need to correct that soon after seeing your yummy plate hehe … I have lots of home grown sage and perhaps I can put them to good use here.

MeetaMeeta Says:
April 22nd, at 7:26 am
oh yes i love this – all time favorite and have a recipe on my blog too! have to make this again though – lovely crispy sage against the buttery brown butter aromas is really a perfect combo!

ManggyManggy Says:
April 22nd, at 9:17 am
Thanks for the shout-out Kid! I’m so flattered that you think my gnocchi looked better than Uno but to be perfectly honest, yours look better than mine by far!! 🙂

divadiva Says:
April 22nd, at 9:25 am
noobcook: homegrown sage? Wow, I’m jealous. I would love to have my own herb garden! Hope you get to try gnocchi soon. They’re so addictive I might start to like em more than ravioli methinks.

Meeta: Truly is. I could sit at dinner and just eat a plate of fried sage leaves actually.

Manggy: No way. You seared yours better and your gnocchi’s fatter and fuller. I need to find ones like that. Manggy, you’re too inspirational 😀


TalitaTalita Says:
April 22nd, at 10:24 am
Oh, I do love gnocchi! Potato gnocchi!

Lorraine @NotQuiteNigellaLorraine @NotQuiteNigella Says:
April 22nd, at 10:35 am
A gorgeous twist to gnocchi and it would give it such a lovely texture too! And lol at your comment about us having the same mum. I wonder if there’s a club of them in the world and they all distribute the same red pens 😛

tigerfishtigerfish Says:
April 22nd, at 12:39 pm
Few ingredients but burst of flavors – I mean, that browned butter and sage….tunes up the gnocchi so well. Music….

divadiva Says:
April 22nd, at 12:48 pm
Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella: You might be on to something there. There must be some underground club going on. I have been scarred for life with that red pen. 🙂

Su-yinSu-yin Says:
April 22nd, at 8:37 pm
Mmmm gnocchi. Yours look delish!

leslieleslie Says:
April 26th, at 1:16 am
Lovely..this is one of my favorite ways to prepare gnocchi!

Sweets By VickySweets By Vicky Says:
April 26th, at 1:48 pm
AHHH, I FINALLY am at your post of gorgeous frugal deliciousness. I love it! I suppose I could try to make gluten free gnocchi. But it’s probably just as yummy with regular gluten free pasta. YUM!

NaomiNaomi Says:
April 26th, at 3:48 pm
So after reading your post I’m ready to skip breakfast for your yum gnocchi’s! these look and sound fab!

zenchefzenchef Says:
April 26th, at 4:37 pm
lol @ “the sizzling of hot fat in a pan is music to my ears”. I know exactly what you mean. 🙂

It doesn’t get much better than this. Gnocchi + Brown Butter + Sage = Super Yum.

Tangled NoodleTangled Noodle Says:
April 26th, at 5:06 pm
Isn’t it great when you can make at home (which means ‘any time you want!’) an even better dish than what’s served at a restaurant? This looks just about perfect!

Laura @ Hungry and FrozenLaura @ Hungry and Frozen Says:
April 26th, at 8:06 pm
I love that butter is one of the main starring ingredients here. Classic awesomeness 🙂