Breakfast at Lantana’s

A Sleepy Breakfast at Lantana’s

Yesterday was my last day with the kid sister C so we made sure to get up early for a good breakfast out. I’d raved about Lantana cafe on Charlotte Place in Fitzrovia quite a bit whilst C was here so it was absolutely necessary to get our sleepyheads over to the café. And get this, it is open for breakfast at 8am! My little C found the menu a little strange at first and a bit too much for an early chow but mind you, that girl is zombie dead and expressionless that early in the morning. She took a while to decide on sourdough toast, roast tomatoes, etc. and pretty much mumbled her order to our waitress Suzie. Somehow the residual sleepiness that she had yet to shake off drowned out her voice. Now we know mumbling gets you nowhere so C unfortunately ended up with only sourdough toast, butter and jam. But she liked it good enough (you can’t fault good bread). Her iced latte was a milky heaven and by the end of the meal, she left with a satisfied belly. It did take a while for it all to register of course. Our breakfast conversation wasn’t that brilliant or lively. In fact, some might consider it non-conversation. The excited chatter only kicked in post-caffeine for me and for C, when she pulled out her polaroid. But we’re sisters. Long spells of silence between us two are allowed. We’re that comfortable with each other I suppose.

On the other side of the table, after a lot of teasing and laughing, my own order arrived – brioche toast with poached pears, ricotta and blackberries. I died and went to heaven. I wasn’t even upset that they’d taken the french toast with pistachio mascarpone off the menu. This baby was composed of my favourite fruits and it felt like it was all meant to be. To revive myself and note, I did have a cappucino to start, I ordered a macchiato to get my heart pumping again. I heart this place. And I heart the coffees they serve. It was a fine way to get our last day started and a nice little café with a friendly setting for C and I managed to take more holiday polaroid shots.


She’s home now all safe and sound with the rest of the family. And I am missing her lots. The house is too quiet, too empty and suddenly just a little less cluttered than when she was here with all luggage. It’s a bittersweet emotion inside me knowing that my little C has grown up just a bit more. This must be what my elder sis A felt when I left home for England years ago. Nevertheless, it’s nice to know the bonds between us three sisters have strengthened and matured. I’ve always wanted a brother. And yea, sure if you’d throw that into the mix I’d happily accept it. But there’s something about sisters and the joys, secrets and annoyances between us that is really precious.

I can’t wait to be reunited with both my sisters when I do finally return home. Breakfast with the whole family, it’s a sweet affair to wake up to. And oh, to be reunited with my beloved oven once again…