Would you try the silver hair trend

Silver Hair Trend: Would You Try This Look for Your Locks?

Prematurely coloring one’s hair with a gray tint is nothing new. In fact, it’s a trend that started centuries ago.

Since ombré began to color our world in recent years, many women have once again intentionally gone gray. Silver strands are everywhere, and the trend is still going strong. Whether combined with soft pastel tones or standing alone, silver can make a striking statement.

To lighten one’s locks and prep for shiny gray, hair is first bleached, then given a toner. If you want to skip the salon, there are at-home coloring products available, as well as temporary silver/gray hair chalks to try on the look with little commitment.

Would you try the silver hair trend 2
image viaBoss Chicks
Would you try the silver hair trend 3
Image via Get Away Grey