Kid Diva loves food; rock, alternative, electro, funkie house, disco & new wave revival music; pop art & odd photography; surrealism; Macbooks; digs Vivienne Westwood, Balenciaga & Jun Takahashi; killer heels; pubs; electric guitars; Japan. She’s 21 and an English Lit & Lang geek, reckons she specializes in Postmodernism, Gender Studies and French Art History. She writes for a university literary magazine and the Beauty section of The Sanctuary paper. A novel is currently one of her private projects.


Here is a food spy of the sweet, the savoury, the alcoholic and the chocolatey. Based in Birmingham, England and Singapore, this foodie doesn’t believe in permanent dieting or freaky eaters. Her blog presents her collection of kitchen trials, tried and tested recipes and a mapping of her exploration through the Brave New World of food.